Raising Student Voice and Participation (RSVP)

Empowering students to implement positive changes

The RSVP program is founded on utilizing student leaders to improve a school through the principal evaluation criteria: creating a culture, closing the gap, ensuring safety and engaging the community.

The RSVP program gives student leaders the opportunity to:

  • Reach out and engage all student populations in civic-based activities
  • Facilitate student summits that will identify significant issues that students wish to address through dialogue and civic action
  • Extend leadership opportunities and positions to non-elected students
  • Establish a process and framework for developing and implementing student led action projects

The RSVP Process

The RSVP process begins with student leaders being trained as facilitators. They then host a series of student summits where any member of the student body can speak up and share issues and concerns about school and community. Through the summits, the student body identifies its three top issues that the leadership team uses to form civic action plans. Those plans are presented to the school administration for approval and then finalized for presentation to the student body. From there, student leaders recruit interested students to assist in implementing the civic action plans. Throughout this process, students learn about the power of voice and the skills necessary to plan and work together towards making positive changes.

Read More about the RSVP Process in Schools

Article from Washington Principal winter 2013 magazine:
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