AWSL Partnerships

Your Membership at Work

The Association of Washington Student Leaders is currently supporting one partnership led by its Steering Committee, and does programming with two other partners in Lewis County. Explore the links below to learn how you can get involved.

Special Olympics Unified Sports & Activities

Relationships, not projects; friends, not helpers. Special Olympics' Unified Sports & Activities challenges us to rethink how student leaders engage their peers with intellectual disabilities. AWSL is proud to partner with Special Olympics Washington to bring Unified Sports & Activities to schools around the state.

Project Unify Washington:  Website - Facebook

Green Hill - Identity and Dignity Campaign

How does one live a meaningful life while incarcerated? Education. Both the giving and receiving of life-giving knowledge. Through the Idenity and Dignity Campaign, AWSL program staff work directly with incarcerated youth to develop programs on ethnic studies, positive manhood and masculinities and coping with trauma, grief and loss. Under the supervision of the Department of Corrections, incarcerated youth can even be brought to trainings and workshops to speak on these topics.

Identity and Dignity Campaign: Website

Lewis County Thrives

AWSL is closely involved with the LC Thrives community organization in developing and implementing Lewis County's Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). From the CHIP process, AWSL will be organizing a Skills Retreat for 8th grade students in rural Lewis County to learn about employment and educational opportunities in and around their local communities in preparation for their entrance into high school the next year. Many other local organizations, including the Lewis County Economic Development Council, the Timberland Regional Library, the county Health Department and local school districts are working with LC Thrives and AWSL on these CHIP programs.