Middle Level Programs

Creating a Solid Base of Leadership Skills

The Association of Washington Student Leaders offers many programs designed specifically for middle level students. “Middle level” is used to refer to students in grades 6 through 9 that are attending a middle school, junior high or as part of a secondary school.

Students participating in middle level programs will have the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to prepare for everything from a spirited “welcome back” assembly in the fall, to a successful anti-bullying campaign in the spring. Each program is designed around specific goals and objectives in six primary areas:

  • Self Awareness

  • Social Awareness

  • Self Management

  • Social Management

  • Self Efficacy

  • Social Engagement

by teaching practical skills in the five leadership disciplines of Communication, Group Process, Organizational Skills, Self Awareness and Human Relations.

The Washington State Legislature recently approved eight updates to the evaluation criteria for school principals and assistant principals. Of these eight criteria, middle level student leaders can have a direct and powerful influence on four: creating a culture, ensuring school safety, engaging communities, and closing the gap. By providing students the tools and skills to address these areas, AWSL promotes building positive, working relationships between student leaders and school administrators. Learn more about how student leaders can bean integral part of the principal’s leadership team.

Middle level programs run year round and across the state.





Curriculum and Publications

On October 8, 2018, AWSL completed an over five-year-long process of rewriting and updating our three signature publications for Elementary, Middle School and High School leadership instruction with the publication of the second edition of Starting in the Middle: Leadership Lessons for Middle Level Students. With this accomplishment, AWSL has updated all of its core leadership curriculum and resources for new classroom technologies, the migration of social interaction to phones and computers, and for more inclusive language and culturally aware approaches to the leadership lessons of the past that have withstood the test of time. Included are the old standbys we’ve all gotten to know and trust, updated with two decades of feedback and innovation on best practices, as well as new leadership lessons to meet the ever-evolving world of student leadership and our larger social context.

See our Publications page for further information and order forms for all of our publications.

Equity and Diversity

AWSL has been a nationwide leader in bringing equity to the forefront of leadership for decades. As a continuation of that legacy AWSP has adopted an Equity and Diversity focus for it’s current Strategic Plan. In implementing that focus, AWSL has been pursuing several equity policies and programs to push ourselves to better represent all students in the state of Washington. To explore the work we’ve been doing on equity, diversity and access, please peruse our Equity Initiatives.