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Ideas & Activities for Successful Student Leadership Programs

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AWSL Equity and Diversity Resources

With the first meeting of AWSL’s Equity Committee, we have started producing some introductory materials on the subject. As we continue to produce materials over the coming months and years, we will be distributing them via our monthly In the Loop newsletter and posting those resources at the front of our Leadership Library.

MLR Homework

Free and Sample Resources

31 Days Redefine Student Leadership
Colorful cards to print or display with questions to start off class, meeting, or activity

Instant Community
Three quick icebreakers to create productive work teams

A student-created, walk-and-talk activity great for groups from 20 to 2,000

School Observances
Ideas and resources for official observance days such as Veterans' Day or MLK, Jr. Day

Leadership 101 Handouts
Tools for helping each student achieve academic and social success at school - a school where everyone belongs, feels safe and is free to be themselves.