¡La Chispa! (The Spark!) Regionals & Retreat

It’s been about a week since we attended ¡La Chispa! and students I never knew before have sought me out in the halls telling me what it means to be Latino. The ¡La Chispa! experience gave them recognition many have never had before. They want to be able to achieve a high GPA to rid the stigma that Mexicans are ‘dumb.’ Most of all, they want to learn how to be successful.
— Marla Green, Teacher Coweeman Middle School (Kelso)

Ignite a passion for leading and learning

The goal of our one-day ¡LA CHISPA! regional workshops held each autumn is to ignite a spark and create a flame of focused energy with middle level Latino students in Washington State. ¡La Chispa! retreats and in-school programs can be scheduled at any time of year using our Custom Program Inquiry.

Student participants will:

  • Build positive connections with Latino high school student leaders and college-age role models

  • Engage in a bilingual & biliterate environment designed to promote the value of reading, writing and speaking in two languages

  • Learn leadership and life skills including: goal setting, teambuilding, leadership styles, resiliency, service to one’s school and community and navigating a bicultural life

  • Explore three over-arching questions: Who am I? What can I do? Where do I go from here?

Adults attending the workshop or retreat will learn with their students and will also have networking time with other committed educators and community members. The workshops are facilitated by staff members from AWSL's successful La Cima bilingual high school leadership camp.


For more information, including a registration packet, please visit our Registration Forms page.

You can also visit www.LaCima.org for general information !La Chispa!

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