Inspiring Students to Lead

The 2017 edition of Inspiring Students to Lead updating our five year old elementary guidebook is now released! This resource now includes an additional 85 pages of elementary curriculum developed by AWSL in the last five years, including lesson plans on basic leadership skills, supported by 15 ready-to-print student handouts in both English and Spanish, 3 leadership workshop agendas with facilitator scripts, and an inclusive recess and table games manual to complement the All Play workshop curriculum.

Additional PDF file of student handouts will be sent with each order.

Includes 34 pages of guidance and models for creating an elementary leadership program, 42 pages of lesson materials and other teacher resources, including 15 student handouts, and 3 workshop lesson plans to facilitate All PlayWalk, Talk & Rock Like a Leader, and Leadership 101 workshops in your schools.

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Overview of Contents

The 22 page Getting Started section will help define the purpose, structure and philosophy of an elementary leadership program. Five leadership models are then described in detail to show how elementary leadership programs can work in practice.

The 125 pages of curriculum is divided into four sections:

  • Teacher Resources – Activities and lesson plans for teaching and practicing leadership skills
  • Student Handouts – 15 student handouts (to accompany the lesson plans in Teacher Resources) in both English and Spanish
  • Workshop Lesson Plans – A detailed agenda and script for each of our three elementary workshops, All PlayWalk, Talk & Rock Like a Leader, and Leadership 101.
  • Inclusive Recess and Table Games Manual – Guidance on how to make games fun for everyone, and 75 games! designed specifically to be inclusive and fun for all!
  • This resource is shipped in a three-ring binder with all content.

    Additionally, a PDF version of all student handouts will be emailed with each order to allow ease of copying or electronic distribution to students.

    Additional information

    • Read about the history of elementary leadership education in the state of Washington.

    • Get a sneak peak at the Table of Contents!

    • Check out our high school curriculum, Building Leaders for Life.

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