Building Leaders for Life, second edition!

Click on cover image for order form!

Click on cover image for order form!

The 2016 edition updates the original, which has been used in Leadership Classrooms for the last 24 years!

This revised edition includes updates to previous lessons that have stood the test of time as well as many new lessons that reflect our continued push for relevant ways to teach leadership concepts to high school students.

Additional PDF file of student handouts sent with each order.

Includes 94 lessons in five subject areas, with 355 pages of lesson materials, including 137 student handouts!

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Overview of Contents

The 36 page Getting Started section will help an instructor define the purpose, structure and philosophy of the Leadership Class they are preparing to teach. It also contains sample course outlines, syllabuses and grading policies as well as suggestions for aligning leadership curriculum with Common Core State Standards, Social Emotional Learning and the AWSP Leadership Framework.

Curriculum is aligned with the goal areas of the Association of Washington Student Leaders. Content includes

  • Communication – 22 lessons, 70 pages, 24 student handouts
  • Group Process – 18 lessons, 82 pages, 33 student handouts
  • Leadership Skills – 17 lessons, 79 pages, 35 student handouts
  • Self-Awareness – 17 lessons, 61 pages, 25 student handouts
  • Human Relations – 20 lessons, 63 pages, 20 student handouts

A 20 page appendix of Organizational Tools and Assessments provides classroom management and accountability tools.

Each lesson is designed to stand on its own, allowing you the freedom to pick and choose as needed.

This resource is shipped in a three-ring binder with all content. Additionally, a PDF version of all student handouts will be emailed with each order to allow ease of copying or electronic distribution to students.

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