Adviser Programs

Inspiring a life-long passion in students to lead and serve

During your busy activity year, we hope you find time to participate in one of the programs designed for student leadership advisers. Whether you are an ASB adviser, cheer squad leader, Latino club adviser or elementary teacher assigned to leadership, our adviser support programs will help you:

  • Gain new ideas

  • Renew yourself

  • Participate in philosophical discussions

  • Tap into a support network of other advisers

  • Learn a new skill

  • Celebrate the joy of student leadership

The student leadership experience for any student can be heavily influenced by leadership events and opportunities. Here are several tools to help you as an adviser create and improve your school’s student leadership program.

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Opportunities for Advisers from All Grade Levels

  • Summer Camp Staff or Intern - Summer camp directors are always looking for new people to mix into their teams. There is a place for you to learn alongside veteran camp staff members. Clock hours available for this program. Visit our facilitators page to apply for camp staff.

  • Custom "Consultant Model" Adviser Workshop - This consultant model workshop will give you the chance to spend a day at the Cispus Learning Center getting your specific questions answered, exploring online and hands-on resources and designing curriculum. Clock hours are available for this program. For more information, contact: Joe Fenbert

  • AWSL Membership

  • ASB Finance & Law Workshops

  • Retreat at the Peak - a two day training and networking opportunity for Eastern Washington advisers and principals taking place after the end of the school year at Chewelah Peak Learning Center.

Publications from AWSL

These manuals were designed for and by student leadership advisers. Each of them contains a collection of lessons, activities, models and resources. Visit our Publications page for more information.

  • Building Leaders for Life: A High School Leadership Class Curriculum - 2nd edition recently published!

  • Starting in the Middle: Leadership Designs for Middle Level Leaders

  • Inspiring Students to Lead: A Resource Guide for Elementary Schools

  • The Assembly Guidebook

  • Fundraising: Not Just a Cakewalk Anymore” by Martin E. Fortin

  • More than Pom Pons and Pyramids

Adviser of the Year

Awarded annually since 1988 (middle level since 1999), AWSL sponsors the Adviser of the Year award to recognize some of the outstanding high school and middle level Leadership Advisers that make a difference in their schools and communities. Nominations are due to AWSL on December 1st for that calendar year, and the award is presented at the annual Washington Activity Coordinators Association conference held the next spring (or at the adviser's school if not attending WACA). The Adviser of the Year award is open to any Leadership Adviser from an AWSL member school, and nominations can be submitted by any person or group - staff, student, parent, administrator or community member - with the school principal's permission. Nomination forms are posted in the fall and are available at Registration Forms or at WACA's Adviser of the Year page.

Other Support Organizations

Grade Level and Specialty Opportunities and Resources

HIGH SCHOOL Leadership Advisers

  • Teaching Leadership for High School Advisers (Summer) - Strengthen the curriculum in your high school leadership class and ASB program during this annual summer workshop. Learn leadership lessons and curriculum models that can be directly implemented in leadership classes, student trainings, retreats or advisory sessions. Clock hours are available. Visit our registrations page in late spring to sign up.

  • AWSL Fall Conference (October) - The annual Association of Washington Student Leaders Conference is a great place to energize yourself (and your students) for the work that lies ahead. Network with other advisers, share an experience with your students, attend student-led workshops, listen to keynote speakers and join the adviser breakout sessions by participating in this three-day conference.

  • Local Association of Student Councils Meetings - Join together with the schools in your geographic area or athletic league to form a local association of student councils. Each local association defines the purpose of its organization and selects a representative to serve on the Washington Association of Student Councils Board.

MIDDLE LEVEL Leadership Advisers

  • Adviser Session Workshop at Middle Level Leadership Camp (August) - Each year the middle level summer camps run a concurrent adviser session. Advisers are housed in a separate dorm and attend an intensive 4-day adviser training with 15-25 other leadership advisers. Veteran student leadership advisers facilitate the seminar. Clock hours are available for this program.

  • Middle Level Team Retreat (October) - The Fall Middle Level Team Retreat provides an opportunity to work with your students while also networking with other advisers. Sharpen your leadership skills by leading a group of students through a facilitator-led activity, join the adviser breakout sessions and share a teambuilding experience with your students. The Middle Level Team Retreat is offered both at the Cispus and Chewelah Peak learning centers in mid-October. Clock hours available for this program.

  • Middle Level Regionals (February) - Middle Level Regionals (MLRs) are one-day leadership workshops held at 10-15 sites across the state in early February. Advisers can involve themselves in MLRs by joining the facilitator team, acting as a site host or attending with your students. More than 2,000 advisers and students participate each year in this highly active and energizing event.

ELEMENTARY Leadership Advisers

  • Learn how to effectively teach from the Association of Washington Student Leaders' publication Inspiring Student Leadership: A Guide for Elementary Schools. It is a pro-active way to jump-start an elementary student leadership program. More Information

CHEERLEADERSHIP Coaches and Advisers

  • Summer Workshop for Coaches and Advisers at CheerLeadership Camp - To meet the increasing demands of coaching spirit squads, each session of CheerLeadership Camp runs a concurrent strand for coaches. Participants strengthen both their technical and squad-leadership skills. Clock hours are available for this program.

LATINO Leadership Advisers

  • - This support page, run by the Association of Washington Student Leaders, offers information on AWSL's Latino outreach programs. Designed for both students and advisers, this webpage shares stories, history and inspiration for Latino leadership programs.

  • ¡La Chispa! Regionals (November) - ¡La Chispa! Regionals are one-day middle level leadership workshops held in late fall at around a dozen sites across the state - often at community colleges, which facilitates scheduling campus tours as an add-on for many school groups. This program focuses on identifying and empowering Latino students with leadership potential to return home and make a positive difference in their schools and communities. ¡La Chispa! programs utilize recent La Cima leadership camp graduates - especially those who are current college students - as neer-peer mentors for middle level attendees. Advisers can involve themselves in La Chispa by joining the facilitator team, acting as a site host or attending with your students.

Equity and Diversity

AWSL has been a nationwide leader in bringing equity to the forefront of leadership for decades. As a continuation of that legacy AWSP has adopted an Equity and Diversity focus for it’s current Strategic Plan. In implementing that focus, AWSL has been pursuing several equity policies and programs to push ourselves to better represent all students in the state of Washington. To explore the work we’ve been doing on equity, diversity and access, please peruse our Equity Initiatives.