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A Bit About Us

The Association of Washington School Principals (AWSP) sponsored its first student leadership program in 1956. Since then, AWSP has continued to grow and adapt its student leadership programs to meet the changing needs of students and schools.

Today, AWSP's student leadership office, the Association of Washington Student Leaders (AWSL), serves more than 12,000 Washington students and advisers annually through a variety of programs. More than 500 volunteers help us facilitate programs each year.

Our Mission

AWSP will provide student leadership programs that support and increase the academic and social success of all students.

Service to Schools

To fulfill our mission, the Association of Washington Student Leaders offers a variety of training opportunities: camps, retreats, conferences, publications and workshops. Guided by rigorous goals and objectives, AWSL is recognized as a national model of excellence. Learn more about our programs and our rich, 60 year history of service to schools.

What's been happening at AWSL, Cispus, and Chewelah Peak?

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On October 8, 2018, AWSL completed an over five-year-long process of rewriting and updating our three signature publications for Elementary, Middle School and High School leadership instruction with the publication of the second edition of Starting in the Middle: Leadership Lessons for Middle Level Students. With this accomplishment, AWSL has updated all of its core leadership curriculum and resources for new classroom technologies, the migration of social interaction to phones and computers, and for more inclusive language and culturally aware approaches to the leadership lessons of the past that have withstood the test of time. Included are the old standbys we’ve all gotten to know and trust, updated with two decades of feedback and innovation on best practices, as well as new leadership lessons to meet the ever-evolving world of student leadership and our larger social context. See our Publications page for further information and an order form for all of our publications.

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